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SPARQ Solutions provides ICT services to Energex & Ergon Energy.

Company Profile

SPARQ Solutions provides ICT services to Energex and Ergon Energy.

Message from the CEO

SPARQ is well positioned to manage complex systems and applications, particularly in times of rapid change.

Strategic priorities, purpose, vision, mission, values

SPARQ Solutions' business strategies are based on our priorities and align with our purpose, vision, mission and values.


The SPARQ Solutions Board is made up of Energy Queensland executives.

Management team

The management team shares a wealth of experience in ICT, business, government and the energy industry.


SPARQ Solutions structure consists of Service Delivery, Project Delivery, Applications Capability, OCIO and Corporate Support.


SPARQ Solutions is based in Brisbane and has offices in six regional locations.

Policies and guidelines

Key policies and guidelines support SPARQ Solutions' operations.

Annual financial statements

Financial statements for the years 2008/09 to present.